JAMB 2017 | JAMB UTME Latest News

Most of you are about to sit for JAMB 2017 examination. This article would serve to teach you everything you need to know about your forthcoming 2017/2018 JAMB UTME examination.

Understanding JAMB

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, abbreviated to ‘JAMB’, was established in the year 1978 with the aim of offering provisional admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The prerequisites for this annual Computer Based Test (CBT) examination, which is graded over 400 marks, is your Secondary School Certificate Examination.

Which may be in the form of West African Senior Certificate Examination (WASCE otherwise popularly known as WAEC), National Examination Council (NECO), General Certificate Examination (GCE) or any other equivalent. Candidates that do not possess any of the above prerequisites should have no fear as there is room for ‘Awaiting Result’.

JAMB 2016/2017 Registration

Candidates that are to sit for JAMB 2017 examinations have two options for registration: e-registration or offline registration. The registration form is N5,000.00 be it online or offline.

For the online registration, visit www.jamb.org.ng and buy the form by paying into Skye Bank, Zenith Bank, Union Bank, First Bank or NIPOST. After a successful registration, an e-copy of The Last Days At Forcados High School would be sent to you alongside JAMB brochure.

For the offline registration, you should visit the nearest JAMB office and purchase the form by paying to the seller. After you fill the form, your data would be updated into JAMB’s website then a hardcopy of The Last Days At Forcados High School alongside the brochure would be given to you.

Things to do before Registering for JAMB

Before you register for JAMB 2017, you may need to do the 15 things listed here.

  1. Inquire from anybody you know that has gone through JAMB processes and exam.
  2. Get or Download a JAMB Brochure
  3. Clear your confusion over your school of choice

NOTE: #8, 9, 10 are very indispensable. Read 15 things to do before you register for JAMB UTME.

Assigning of JAMB Centres

After you have successfully registered for the examination, you would clearly be informed on when to reprint your slip. The date at which this reprinting should be done is stated in your registration slip. On your reprinted slip, your examination date, venue and time would be stated. Note that the venue which you would be assigned to very much depends on the location which you proffered during your registration.

Preparing for the JAMB 2017 Examination

Truth be told, JAMB examination is not child’s play at all. It requires extra dedication to your books. The examination is an Advanced Level Examination (A’ Level Exam which contains some university first year topics) and not the Ordinary Level Examination (O’ Level Exam which is consists of secondary school curriculum.)

As JAMB would never tell you that their exam is an A’ Level Exam, most students read only the textbooks prescribed by JAMB and expect to pass.

Jamb Books and Past Questions

Well, you are advised to read the textbooks they prescribed thoroughly in respect to the four subjects you chose to write but shouldn’t stop there. If you can lay your hands on first year books and read the topics in JAMB syllabus, then you would surely pass.

But, because it is mostly difficult to get first year books, as a JAMBITE that you now are, you would have to resort to JAMB past questions. This is an extremely helpful material. The questions in it would go a very long way to show you that reading the textbooks prescribed is not just the issue. The past questions have their respective answers behind every year and so it would be easy for you to know what you failed and learn the correct thing.

Also, the book which they gave, The Last Days At Forcados High School, should not be neglected at all! You should endeavour to read that book over and over again and answer as much question from the past questions as you can to master such details.

NB: Preparing with JAMB past questions is very important and very helpful because they repeat questions frequently. So, if you can study the past questions and know mostly every answer to the questions, then you are sure of getting at least 200 and above. You are also advised to write a ‘mock’ JAMB CBT test so that you would have an idea of what to expect on your exam day.

On the Jamb 2017 Examination Day

For the day of your own exam, you should be at the JAMB centre which you were assigned at least two to three hours before the time of your exam. For the candidates that were assigned to distant places from their place of residence and have their exams as early as 7 o’clock, you are strongly advised to look for an accommodation and sleep over there to avoid being late.

When it is almost time for your exam, you are expected to stand in line as you are searched TWICE for phones or calculators (which are prohibited) and any other implicating material during JAMB examination. After being searched, you move to where they confirm if you are the one on your slip( which you are required to bring to your venue on your exam day). After these, then, you are ushered into your hall.

You would be given a rough-work sheet which you are expected to submit after your 3-hour examination.

Writing the JAMB 2017/2018 Examination

If you really studied your textbooks and past questions for JAMB, you would find out that the examination is not that difficult, you know. And please, do not depend on JAMB expo because it is ALWAYS wrong! It is not what you are writing that your neighbour is writing. And even if your neighbour is writing the same four courses as you are, the questions are reshuffled and so your Number 1 could be your neighbour’s Number 47.

Also, you should be extremely mindful of your time. Do not be a slow-poke when answering your questions.

My candid advice: Start answering your calculation subjects e.g. Mathematics, physics, accounting, etc, after answering other non-calculation subjects, eg. English, CRK, Biology, etc.

Checking your JAMB 2017 Result

When your JAMB 2017 result is out (we are sure to tell you when that would be), you should buy a scratch card and check your aggregate. We would also show you how to check JAMB result without scratch card.

Then, you would wait till you are offered a provisional admission to the tertiary institution which you sent in an application to.